Journeys through the Digital Innovation Appendix of the Master Innovation and Development Plan

By Vera Roberts

We Count worked with stakeholders to envision how the proposed technologies for the proposed Quayside “Smart City” project in Toronto could impact individuals with disabilities and their networks.

We’ve prepared a brief report that tells the journey of 10 individuals in the smart community. Each journey includes information about the relevant digital services, envisions some potential impacts and provides questions that can be used to evaluate these systems and the issues that could arise from them.

Download Journeys through the DIA

A family of three in the middle of a signaled crossing. The father uses a scooter, the mother is with their upset toddler daughter in a stroller but is turning back to pick up a dropped stuffed animal. There are sensors in the pavement and the pedestrian signal light is lit. The father is saying, “Leave it, the light’s going to change!” while the daughter cries out, “Lamby!”

Can sensors help make crossing the street safer? This is just one of the ten stories in Journeys through the DIA.